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Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is something you are likely going to need to invest in when you first hire a cleaning service. While deep cleaning is more expensive than regular cleaning, it also only needs to be done every six months, or so.

A deep cleaning service will remove the deep dirt and grime in your home. It will cover the areas that aren’t typically covered in a regular cleaning service. Some of the services provided when you hire a home cleaning service for a deep clean include:

When is Deep Cleaning is Required:

  • Move-in or Move out to a New Place
  • Conduct a thorough cleaning of your Place

Our Deep Cleaning Services Include

  • Remove scale and soap scum from shower heads, taps, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, etc.
  • Clean behind appliances such as the oven, washing machine and cut through the grime that often builds up.
  • Deep and complete dusting including the baseboards and doors in all rooms.
  • Washing the home’s interior windows.
  • Cleaning patio doors and window frames.
  • Cleaning the interior of the oven and glass door

How to Book our Services

  • Book Deep Cleaning Services in Dubai
  • We will find the right professional in your area
  • You sit back and relax; we will do the rest

We are home to some of the trained professionals who offer one of the best Deep cleaning services Dubai and its vicinity for individuals moving in and out of a home.


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