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COVID 19 alert: When and how our professionals can disinfect your business in the UAE

COVID 19 alert: When and how our professionals can disinfect your business in the UAE

Words like cleanliness, sanitization, and hygiene have taken new meaning altogether in our lives. These words were essential, but we use them lightly earlier, but now they have become non-negotiable and crucial. The current pandemic situation of COVID 19 refuses to die down anytime soon; professional cleaning and disinfection of residence and business continue to remain our priority. Keeping the demand of this hour in mind, City Crew Cleaning Services has launched professional disinfection services for commercial spaces in the UAE.

In general, soaps or detergents are used to clean surroundings, especially in office space. But certainly, it is not enough; there are high chances of virus remaining on the cleaned surface. There is a robust solution for this problem, where we step in. At City Crew Cleaning Services, we have coupled tech and approved chemicals for the UAE’s professional disinfection service.

Disinfection is a quick process and usually takes no more than a minute to make the surface 99% virus-free. COVID 19 has created an unprecedented impact on the way we work and live. Therefore here we have come up with three ways through which our professionals can disinfect your business in UAE.

Ventilation and Air Quality Systems

The outbreak of COVID 19 has shed light on the importance of indoor air and the steps required to mitigate disease and germs in the workplace. Not only that, better breathing air lead to better decision-making performance, preparedness, strategy, and planning during the time of crises. In general, business space is the home to many air contamination, including Coronavirus, volatile organic compounds, mold, and bacteria. The flawed ventilation system exacerbates the presence of these contaminants. Therefore to maintain a healthy indoor environment, as you call your employees back into the office, facilities like ventilation, plumbing, and filtration system must be concentrated to filter and dilute pathogens. At City Crew Cleaning services, we focus on maintaining the minimum efficiency reporting value from 1 and 16 related to the air filter’s efficiency based on the particle size.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning and disinfection

At City Crew Cleaning services, we use state-of-the-art disinfectant products that are food storage and food preparation safe. In workspaces, carpet can become the source of infection. Therefore it is essential to get it thoroughly cleaned. For this, our professional carpet cleaning and disinfection services are there. Without using harsh chemical or hot water steam technology, we clean the carpet and disinfect bacteria and viruses. Whenever you order our carpet and upholstery cleaning and disinfection services, we misted the mat with our exceptional pH balanced cleaner that will eliminate viruses and bacteria and leave your carpet smelling fresh and clean.

Sofa and washroom cleaning

We generally overlook employees’ hygiene; that’s why it becomes a hotbed of germs, bacteria, and viruses. A dirty bathroom and sofa can cause an unpleasant experience for all business guests and employees. Therefore in COVID 19 time, to avoid your workplace from becoming a containment zone of the virus, get your sofa and washroom cleaned and disinfected by our professional. At City Crew Cleaning Services, we have given our professionals special training in disinfection, so it is not a daunting task for them to make your space stain and virus free.

You are free to schedule our services according to your convenience. Provide your employees a clean, hygienic, and virus free space to work and progress.

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